There are many of us, who are on the verge of completing education or starting the career journey now, but don't know which domain, what industry is best suitable for them. The biggest decision maker for all of them would be availability of job and money it fetches... It wouldn't be long that you would realize thats a fitment is equally important.
We have you covered in the best possible way. When it's a time to accelerate your career, make every effort count in that direction. Find tost suitable path, basis your interest and work personality.
A] Shares more about your academics and dreams
In this along with the details we try and understand your expectations from the counselor

B] Ability and interest assessment
A psychometric inclinations towards particular trade would be a scientific way to find top choices, we have in order to move forward

C] Actionable for the entry level career
Make resume, prepare yourself for interview or other career challenges

D] Handhlding in the process
The doors are always open to discuss and get unbiased views on the process and decisions taken